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Do you need help finding employment?


One of the last things you might want to be doing right now is looking for a job. The bigger question of what you want to do with your life may be completely overwhelming to you. Getting started anywhere in the career exploration process is hard.  But, with the right support you can jump in and start your career exploration to find where your skills, interests, strengths and values intersect with the right job for you.

I have broken the career exploration process into 4 easy steps to help you. If we work together, you might want immediate assistance with a job search for a part-time or full-time job, and then we can continue longer-term career exploration to help you to find your unique career path. You will receive support to increase your self-awareness about careers that are a good match for you and guidance on how to move in that direction.

Think of your career exploration as an evolving process instead of a one-and-done exercise. While it begins with your education, you will use the guiding principles we work on together for the rest of your life.  These principles will help you to understand you own strengths, skills, interests and values.  You will explore careers of interest so you know important details like the required education, salary, work environment and job outlook.  In time, you will begin to target the right positions that are well suited for you.  Once you have your eye on the right position, I will connect you with resources to help you with resume and cover letter writing, networking, informational interviewing and other job search strategies that help you to get the job.  



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