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Downtown Chicago Office


605 North Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor

Chicago, IL 60611



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Your Complimentary Phone Consultation


Embarking on a journey towards personal growth and well-being begins with a simple step – a phone consultation that's tailored to you. I'm delighted to offer you a complimentary phone consultation, where we'll discuss your unique challenges and concerns.

During this consultation, I'll provide valuable insights and recommendations designed to address the issues you're facing. Together, we'll explore how you can overcome obstacles, embrace healing, and thrive in your life's journey. 

Should you find that we're a suitable fit to work together, I'll happily provide clarity on scheduling, fees, and any other queries you may have. Your comfort and understanding are priorities.

If it turns out that my expertise isn't the best match for your needs, rest assured that I'm committed to your well-being. I'll gladly offer a referral to connect you with a professional who can better address your specific situation.

Your transformation starts with a conversation. To schedule your complimentary phone consultation, reach out to me at 312-316-7703. Let's embark on this path towards your brighter and empowered future.

Need help with a crisis? Click here for 24/7 mental health support. 
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