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Are you feeling angry?

Angry guy.jpeg

Anger is a normal emotion to experience. Everyone gets angry and annoyed on occasion.  It’s how you deal anger that is important. If your anger is persistent or causing problems with your relationships, work, school or sleep, then it’s time to work on managing those emotions before they get the best of you.

Do arguments with your significant other, family members or friends over little things often turn into screaming matches? Do you have difficulty controlling your temper with people who frustrate you?

Feeling angry on a regular basis can be distracting and very stressful. If any of this sounds familiar, know that it is OK to reach out for support. I can teach you techniques for managing your anger and help you to understand if there are underlying issues that might be contributing to the way you feel.

FOR HELP DEALING WITH ANGER please call me at 312-316-7703

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