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Are you having a hard time with a break-up?


The end of a relationship is a very difficult experience regardless of why it happened or who it was with. Sadness is a normal reaction and it is not uncommon to have a hard time letting go and moving on. But if the break-up blues continue for a long time or interfere with your daily functioning, it’s important to get some support.

After a break-up it takes time to accept that the relationship is over which makes it hard to move on. You may have experienced firsthand or through a friend the ways people attempt to hang on: stalking an ex on social media, driving by his or her home, endless text messages or asking mutual friends for information. These behaviors can be hard to resist, but they usually do not help you to heal and to move on. 

Sometimes the pain of a break-up can lead to depression. This is a big deal because if you do not take the necessary steps to grieve the loss and to heal, then depression can lead you to abuse alcohol or drugs, to make reckless decisions or to feel so unhappy that you think about suicide. So, if you are having a hard time with a break up, let's get together and talk about it before things get worse.

FOR HELP DEALING WITH A BREAK-UP please call me at 312-316-7703

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