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Mark Farrell


Supporting Young Men to Launch in Life


LOOKING for an expert to help you with a mental health, alcohol or drug problem?

WANTING to change unhelpful thoughts or behaviors that are causing problems?

SEEKING help with your transition through college and into your new career?

HOPING to develop better relationships and to find a sense of purpose and direction? 


CURRENTLY you feel anxious or depressed, use alcohol or drugs to cope, have problems at school or work and it is taking a toll on family relationships. By now, you feel stuck during a time of transition and struggle with motivation. People may be stating concerns to you but you may not feel there is a problem, it is too overwhelming to change or you just do not care right now.  You notice that your friends are moving forward in their lives but you feel stuck. 

YOU WANT to be independent, self-sufficient and confident. You want to feel happy, relaxed and in control of your life. You wish you had a sense of direction, pride in your accomplishments, good friendships and better relationships with your family.

ONE DAY you want to launch into something that you feel passionate about. I can help you to do it. My expertise is counseling young men to get their life back on track. I have spent thousands of hours helping young men in transition to transform their lives. I can assist you to create a healthier lifestyle, to succeed at school or work, to stop the negative consequences from substance abuse and to enjoy fulfilling relationships once again.

FOR MORE INFORMATION please call me at 312.316.7703.


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