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Addiction is a family disease that requires a family solution.



LOOKING for addiction specialist to guide and to support your whole family through through the different stages of treatment and continuing care?  

WANTING to have well coordinated support services in place that help your son to stay actively engaged with a strong recovery program?

SEEKING a family-centered solution that actively includes family members in the recovery process on a regular basis? 

HOPING to heal from the disease of addiction as a family and rediscover inner peace, happiness and trust once again?



CURRENTLY your son is in treatment, continuing care or sober living and you are worried about son's long-term sobriety. Your son has been encouraged to engage in recovery activities, to develop healthy relationships and to set new goals for school or work. But, as treatment or sober living nears the end, you wonder - now what? Things are much better because of treatment but you worry about how to sustain this progress and lasting recovery. 

YOU WANT to see your son actively engage with a strong continuing care plan that will lead to overall health and well-being. A long-term commitment to personal wellness and recovery is the hope of every family member in this situation.  You want the right team in place to assist your son so there is a well coordinated effort, that includes your family, to help your son during these high risk transitions. 

ONE DAY you hope to have successfully worked through this crisis. You want to look back on this experience as a time when your family came together, worked through challenges and came out better because of it.  Case Management may just be what can help your family.

WHAT IS CASE MANAGEMENT? Case Management is a value-added service that provides professional oversight and coordination on your son's continuing care plan. You receive ongoing support for your entire family throughout the treatment and recovery process. The support is available through weekly family calls, individual recovery coaching and sober monitoring services.


As your case manager, I will coordinate clinically appropriate case information between inpatient and/or outpatient counselors, psychiatrists, community therapists, physicians, designated family members and other service providers. Your son will receive a high level of support, create new structure with school or work, and be held accountable using technology and drug screening services. 


Every client’s continuing care plan is customized to his or her personal history, progress in treatment, and treatment recommendations to date. 


Examples of Case Management Services:  

  • Introductory conference call to identify recovery goals and with client and family 

  • Weekly family calls to help the entire family to engage in recovery

  • Individual coaching sessions to help family members where they are stuck

  • Random urinalysis drug screening using local and convenient laboratories

  • Daily check in to drug screening system through computer or phone

  • Self-reporting of attendance to 12 steps meetings, sponsor communication, therapist appointments, outpatient programs and other appointments

  • Routine communication with client and stakeholders: weekly phone calls, email correspondence, and updates on clients progress 

  • Professional oversight of continuing care plan during treatment and early recovery 

FOR MORE INFORMATION please call me at 312.316.7703.


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